“This was such a great haunted house experience. I’ve been to so many haunted houses and this is the first time I got one where I was able to actually partake in one where you get separated! It’s very surreal! Definitely recommend!!”
“My sisters and I booked this totally on a whim and it was the best decision ever. It was so interactive and such a fun experience for us to do together. This was so much fun and a totally different take on the haunted house experience. Definitely one of the best haunted houses I’ve been to and so worth it. You should plan to arrive in a group of 8 or less.”
“Amazing experience!! Had so much fun and will definitely be coming back to see if I get something different!!!”
“THE BEST HAUNTED HOUSE IVE EVER BEEN TOO! We went in a group, and they separated us into different rooms which made it so intense. the actors were AMAZING. felt real at some points. Definitely visit this place!!”
“Had so much fun! I could have stayed all night! Each room had a story and was interactive. Having to participate made it so much more fun than the typical Congo line haunted house. Loved that your card made your path unique and you would be temporarily separated from your group. Just the right balance of fun and fright!”
“I absolutely loved it! What an experience!”
“This was the most fun and interactive haunted house I’ve ever been to. You get separated from your group and they characters were so amazing. I had an absolute blast and want to go back.”